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Date Venue City
21 Juil 2016 Istanbul Jazz Festival Istanbul (TR)
5 Août 2016 Jazz en Rade Le Pont (CH)
17 Sep 2016 Jazz au Peuple Prangins (CH)
Photo: Mehdi Benkler Photo: Mehdi Benkler

The organic depth of their forthcoming album Titan (to be released October 6th 2015 on Plaistow Music) is a bone chilling experience performed solely on drums, acoustic bass and a grand piano. Combining elements of minimalism, repetitive patterns, odd-time signatures and noise, Plaistow builds from the strong fundaments from previous works like The Crow, Lacrimosa and Citadelle.

This group of amazing musicians is an organism of it’s own. No mathematics, no complicated array of notes. It’s not jazz, it’s not conceptual. The music on Titan is deeply rooted in groove - aggressive by times. Like on hardly any other contemporary group, Plaistow can build tension and suspense in their compositions so subtle, singular notes and small time variations come explosively and odd harmonies are filled with emotion.

Titan was created in the process sessions for the period of six months. Pianist Johann Bourquenez building the skeleton of the tracks through beatboxes, sequencers and recordings on piano, carefully inviting Cyril Bondi (drums) and Vincent Ruiz (acoustic bass) to add to the palet.

Founded in 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland, Plaistow has played more than two hundreds concerts worldwide and released several EPs and albums.


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